I want to speak to you about setting up your blog but first I must tell you why. Above the Holidays I proceeded to go several places as well as on 5 different events had different people which I did not know inform me the same thing. I believe within fate so I can obey. I visited Walmart Bob Evans Your Mall and rode about with my friend whom came home pertaining to Christmas who has lived in North Carolina in the past 18 years. Most of us visited some of his childhood friends parents. Via going to these locations people kept saying if you help persons get what they want you will get what you want. You have a present so share it. This kind of floored me and it is the true reason for this post.
Putting together Your WordPress Weblog Like A Blogging Professional
Sharing Time-
Ive got a lot of WordPress blogs that I have wonderful success on therefore i thought this core information would be helpful to those of you starting your blog as well as those who have had a blog for some time and easily not getting the results you need. Im going to let you with on some of the secrets of what actually works for me tactics and strategies together with extensions I know contribute to the blogs success. Sitemap.xml
Wp is TOP Canine for SEO uses and if you set up right it will incentive you.
Make sure that you a minimum of do the following on the blog-
1 Always delete the hello world publish and comment.
Only two Delete the standard hyperlinks and change your blogrolls label to general build a new link class and name this your main keyword phrase.
3 Create at least 15 links to power blogs in your niche and place them in the new link group.
4 Install and also configure the following jacks on your blog-
1 . Google XML Site Maps Platinum SEO Group if you use a premium style that has built in Search engine optimisation this may not be needed. – Stealth Traffic Systems SEO Presser 1 . Use Google Your local library Sexy Book marks WP Very Cache Uncomplicated Tags Exec-PHP All In One Adsense 2 . ServerBuddy WordPress Identical Content Cure Ping Optimizer Experience Popup Domination OIO Publisher
5 various Robots.txt File Note- This is REALLY CRITICAL Copy to notepad conserve and upload in your domain.
User-agent- – Allow- Disallow- cgi-bin Disallow- wp-admin Disallow- wp-includes Disallow- wp-content Disallow- manager Disallow- article Disallow- files Disallow- installwordpress Disallow- admin Disallow- downloads Disallow- contact-us.html document Disallow- anything else you want to conceal
User-agent- Mediapartners-Google Allow-
User-agent- Adsbot-Google Enable-
User-agent- Googlebot-Image Disallow- wp-content
User-agent- Googlebot-Mobile Allow-
6 Connect your blog to your full set of Web 2 ..0 accounts by way of or
7 Make the first page sticky with a correctly optimized fixed page. View Video
8. Produce 10 Unique 100 report posts with pics video and drop them into the brand new blog over Thirty days
Odesk sign up with an account and place your own order
9 Readily AutoBlog Plugin to include diversity on issues and to posts with an ongoing basis.
WordPress Robot – AutoBlog Samuri
10 Obtain the best spinner you can afford and make up a series of dripped posts.
Spinner Chief Magic Article Rewriter
Eleven Promote your blog with Senuke Search engine optimisation EVO II Link Farmville farm Evolution or something similar one or more times per month EVERY month
12 Get as many inbound links bookmarks etc to the individual blog posts on your blog on an ongoing basis but commence it slow and build as time goes on.
Tough luck Monetize your blog effectively so it CONVERTS
15 Promote promote and then promote

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