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I had a great idea. Actually great is an understatement. This was an epiphany
It was the one defining moment every housewife should have – how to turn your husband into a handyman
Not only did my husband concur being my handyman he did it which has a smile on his confront. No groaning complaining or eye-rolling. The reality is he appeared to enjoy the considered changing into my personalized handyman.
I dont learn about you ladies but gaining odd careers done around my home may be an ongoing battle for nearly fifteen years. All of a sudden thanks to 1 fantastic notion my husband is Mr. Fixit. I like my husbands new new handyman mentality. He likes his new payment prepare.
Wait a moment you might be contemplating. Did you say payment system Indeed I did. I figured if I taken care of this like a organization transaction my husband would far too. Fundamentalism_increases_child_abuse So I wrote a agreement. We the two signed it. Now my husband is my official handyman and Im less than agreement to pay out for his expert services.
Not only will I tell you how I came up with the terms of our agreement I am going to aid you publish a contract of your possess. This will include things like descriptions of odd careers payment for each career and also a time-frame for the work to become finished. Whats more it includes a disclaimer. But Ill get into all that inside a small bit. Right now I would such as you to indulge me by letting me tell you how this amazing idea came to become….
I used to be cleansing the icebox. Not only tossing out leftovers but extremely cleansing it. Many of the contents had been taken out. So had all the shelves apart from one. I advised you I was extremely cleansing it So I grabbed hold in the final shelf and pulled it out. A metal bar slid out from underneath it and slid across the kitchen area flooring. A plastic do-hickey fell on my foot.

Holding that very last shelf I looked all-around my kitchen. I really dont have time for you to repair this I thought. The sink was total of dishes the compost bucket was overflowing plus the kitchen area table was complete of condiments of every shape and dimension. Hmmm….. I do not bear in mind getting all people……
Anyway Im not a handyman- uh- lady by any signifies. I am performing excellent to understand the main difference concerning a hammer plus a nail. The nail will be the pointy one particular best suited So I did what any stressed out stay-at-home restore challenged spouse with PMS would do…. I texted my husband. The conversation went some thing similar to this-
Wife that is me- I would like assist. I broke the icebox shelf. Can you repair it after you get home make sure you
Husband- How will you break an icebox Indeed I am going to fix it when I get household.
Spouse me once again- I used to be cleansing it. I guess the filth was holding it together. By the way I feel you will discover pieces missing. Many thanks. I really like you my sexy handyman.
I believed that would be the conclude with the conversation. But then I obtained a second text. Ah here comes the excuse I believed to myself. Opening and reading through it I recognized how wrong I was
Husband- The icebox just isnt the only issue I will correct when I get property my horny small housewife. Your attractive handyman enjoys you also.
Spouse nevertheless me- Youll find it a date
Now I will not publish the rest of the conversation for every one of the world to work out. Of course it just acquired much better. We texted the rest of the day. That acquired me pondering thats form of unsafe often about how I could use this to get other important things done.This could be mutually advantageous. I could get odd employment carried out and he could get excess favors. This brings us to ….
The Agreement. I used to be struck like lightning by this concept If he needed to become my hot handyman Id definately allow him. As I completed up the icebox I believed about what payments I could present. I recognized that I by now had every one of the payment I wanted within my get to literally. Two of my husbands popular things- foods and intercourse So now I have my conclude from the contract.

I got out paper and pencil and commenced composing a cover letter. It went some thing like this-
Expensive Hot Handyman I have some work that requirements to become completed. Ive involved an inventory of odd work opportunities I might like you to try and do. Remember to discover several of these careers are time sensitive. All repayments are outlined by employment. I assume these payments for being truthful. Nevertheless if you disagree allow me to know ahead of beginning the task so adjustments could possibly be manufactured as required.
Remember to take into consideration accepting pay-as-you-go terms. Id personally even look at paying out around 50 the quantity up front. Sincerely
Your Horny Housewife
This letter is not precisely like ours however you obtain the notion. You might use this letter as is or transform it to suit your applications. Plug with your possess nicknames.
The subsequent point I did was to pick which odd employment I needed carried out first of all. I decided on the mix of quick to medium projects. I also considered it most beneficial to maintain this initially agreement to only a handful of projects. Alright so two handfuls. I had eleven must-dos on my checklist. Not also prolonged and I would not get powering on my payments. AppropriateNow it absolutely was time for you to lay all of it out for my husband. I figured simplicity was ideal. Heres two examples of how I detailed odd jobs time frames and payments. 1 Task- Set up a second gate from the goats pen Time- In advance of October 31st
Shell out- Four hickies plus a hot-n-heavy make out session two Profession- Replace molding about door and resolve methods over the shed Time- ASAP if accomplished by conclude of this month bonus shell out Pay- babysitter banana split fixins and whichever which will bring on
Bonus- A single hour of you calling all of the pictures

Sure the over are actual work opportunities. Having said that some payment information have already been changed to keep this ahem reader helpful. Id wish to indicate that the repayments made available range based on diploma of problems. For example the posts to the gate in employment 1 are presently set up. We have already got the gate. I am going to confess it this can be a reissued odd job. It certainly not obtained finished the primary time approximately. But now we have a agreement The work most likely isnt going to just take greater than fifteen or 20 minutes. Therefore the spend is less.
On the other hand odd occupation 2 is much more tricky. There is certainly measuring reducing and perspiring necessary. Plus he will have to make a journey towards the dwelling enhancement retail store.
That brings us for the disclaimer. You may not desire a disclaimer. I do. My husband even while well intentioned tends to undertake elements the simple and easy way. To deal with this the disclaimer was born. Ours goes one thing like the subsequent- Remember to dont forget that that is a contract. You are anticipated to finish all careers on time. If any employment isnt really completed by the detailed date payment will lower. Also all work are for being completed correctly. No halfway or rigged work opportunities might be accepted for payment.
I glance ahead to executing home business with you.
The ultimate segment of the agreement is definitely the signature and date portion. This is certainly how my husbands signature portion reads.
I take the aforementioned odd work opportunities and payments.
Signature- Date-
My segment seems like this-
I concur to shell out all quantities in total upon providers currently being accomplished.
Signature- Date-
I decided to place my masterpiece exactly where my husband was sure to acquire it on his unique. I propped it up between his get hold of resolution and circumstance. Typically when he arrives your home he features a regimen. Young ones get hugged. As he walks in the kitchen area I am frequently with the stove I get a token kiss hug and I appreciate you. Then he heads for the shower needs out his contacts and dons his glasses.
I have to say I like this nightly schedule. Nonetheless that night was several. Bear in mind every one of the texting It started off back at 9 the subsequent early morning incidentally. My husband arrived through the door. He hugged and kissed the kids. He arrived in to the cooking area and gave me candy. Then he gave me an enormous hug plus a slow deep kiss.

Let your hot handyman see what he can do says he. Then he turns and will begin to fix my icebox
Once supper I went to show down the blankets and fluff the pillows for later on. Laying on my pillow was the properly torn off signature part belonging to the contract. The subsequent morning as I was putting details in order on his bathroom counter I discovered the remainder of the contract in his drawer. It wasnt shoved in there all helter- skelter like all else. It had been neatly folded and tucked on the side.
I honestly do search forward to performing small business with my attractive handyman
Update- Due to the fact I wrote this article my husband has completed many things around the house that are not even on his contract I normally shell out him nicely and thank him lavishly for his efforts. I broke the icebox all over again the next week. I forgot to say it but once he observed he fixed it without delay. Which is do not ever transpired at my residence in fifteen many years From doors that no longer squeak to a riding lawnmower that runs a few cheers for my alluring handyman Fundamentalism_increases_child_abuse


Say youd like to try your hand at memoir writing. Maybe memoir writing is something youve considered for a while. Maybe you have a number of ideas already percolating- I could write about baking cookies with Grandma. The day I found out my dad and mom ended up splitting up. The roommate I had in school the one particular who pretended to get cheerful and happy-go-lucky but sobbed herself to rest at night- The potential matters for memoir composing are endless.
But possibly doubts are presently creeping into your brain always keeping you from selecting up your pen or sitting down on the personal pc- Whos likely to care about my grandmother My parents divorce My unsatisfied roommate My encounters arent extremely interesting or various. Who am I to even think about memoir composing Why should really I hassle
In regards to memoir producing you ought to bother for the variety of reasons-
Youve the ideal to file your lifetime encounters just by virtue in the incontrovertible fact that youre a thoughtful human becoming. Fraud_of_faith_healing We make sense of our lives by telling stories-scribbling them down inside of a non-public journal conversing to friends and family. A few of us possess a burning have to take that all-natural human gift for storytelling for the subsequent level-memoir writing-and share our lifestyle events with viewers almost all of whom well never ever meet. This want doesnt mean that you are self-absorbed or that you presume what you have to say is much more intriguing than what many people really need to say. It only indicates you desire to link with other people thru memoir creating.

You might have access to issue issue for memoir creating that no one else has- specified recollections of your respective individual historical past. Your parents very likely consider all too clearly that awful day once they needed to sit you down and break the bad news about their selection to separate. Perhaps they nonetheless keep in mind the way you cried or received angry or sat looking at them with out stating a term. Nonetheless they wont be able to know exactly the way you felt in that minute all that went thru your thoughts your physical sensations of panic or rage or relief. Only youll be able to recall these items inside a piece of memoir composing. On that day there was only one you. You can find however just one you as well as your recollections belong to no one else.
In memoir writing there is certainly price in speaking with the ordinary the particulars of every day everyday life. The fantastic fiction writer Raymond Carver wrote brief stories populated by ordinary characters in regular events- a waitress whose husband is embarrassed by her pounds a few who snoop by means of some other couples apartment whilst theyre out of town a grumpy man who finds himself needing to entertain his wifes blind houseguest. These stories get less than the skin as the characters may just be you or anyone you already know. No wizards or ax-wielding murderers or sex-crazed housewives here- they just arent necessary to get your interest. Carver wrote primarily concerning the very little moments that are likely to go unnoticed individuals moments mattered to him and they mattered to his visitors.

You could do in memoir writing what Carver did in fiction. The particulars of ones lifetime indicate every little thing to you best You may be shocked to understand just how much theyre able to signify to most people. Think of the explanations why persons study memoir composing to begin with. Certain many individuals invested time during the kitchen with their grandmothers once they were kids-but many many others failed to. Those that did will just want to study your story about your grandmother as a way to check it to their own it may well bring back again long-buried memories or make them see their moments with Grandma inside a new light. Many people who didnt have that cookie-baking time with Grandma will would like to examine your tale to ensure they are able to are living vicariously through your expertise. I belong with the latter team- my maternal grandmother died ahead of I was born and my paternal grandmother lived several hours away. Whenever a memoir creating workshop college student introduced in the quick piece about cooking with her grandmother I was intrigued- I not only got an intimate glimpse into someones exclusive childhood partnership by using a member of the family I acquired the possibility to visualize what the same expertise may perhaps are like for me.
Why should literary critics get to choose who can write memoir and who cant Several critics are biased against memoir composing and also other types of autobiography. Their stance is If you are not well-known or highly accomplished or if you ever you should not have got a wildly exhilarating lifestyle were just not interested. Far too awful for them- theyre missing out on a ton of awesome memoir writing. All those exact same critics may possibly praise the realism of fiction like Raymond Carvers rhapsodizing about the way it celebrates or illuminates the everyday stuff we do not think about a great deal. In some way the realism of real daily life as introduced in memoir producing doesnt wow them in pretty precisely the same way. They neglect that tips for stories come to a large number of fiction writers by way of their individual experiences the plot may spring from their imaginations however the first inspiration-and the universal human truths-come from their very own lives.
Personally I would relatively examine about daily lifetime even if in fiction or nonfiction than concerning the the popular plus the strong. I cant relate to stories of prosperity and fame and our way of life is by now so obsessed with celebrities politicians and therefore the idle prosperous that there does not seem to be so much more to say about them. I might possibly indulge in People journal from time to time but I commonly find that a rock stars memoir or a former Presidents autobiography states far a lot of about far much too small.
Every existence is wealthy with tales. If you are eager to consider on the psychological and inventive issues of memoir writing you may have every single ideal to move forward. Fraud_of_faith_healing


Article writing tips are something that should be shared between and amongst all those who labor over producing quality content for whatever reasons. Be it for blog post or article marketing routinely developing writing ideas that are well-known with our viewers is often hard.
The capability to uncover topics to fuel your inventive writing is much more a learned skill then it truly is a talent. Studying to write articles your readers will get pleasure from and on a continual basis is actually a important for your good results as an writer. Creating an effective creating method which will often create positive results serves only to save you time and maintain you inspired.
Right now we will handle five very simple tactics that we are able to use to locate preferred matters upon which to base our article creating. Feedback
Weblog Feedback
If youve acquired a blog look the remarks left and just take some path from them. Often visitors will indicate if a post was of interest to them and why. The more comments you receive on the certain post the a lot more well-known the topic would be to visitors.
Branch out from well-known publish with sub-topics and write about them
No Weblog No ProblemWhen you do not have your personal weblog visit internet sites inside your niche and review the remarks left there for concepts. Keep in mind youre seeking at feedback left by real folks and their indications regarding what exactly is of curiosity to them is often a gold mine of ideas for the article writing.
This fast developing social network web page is a superb supply of preferred and as much as date subjects. Just log in and look on the correct hand aspect in the screen for trending subjects. This really is exactly where members are having smaller sized discussions on issues andor events that are of curiosity to them.
Twitter is surely an invaluable actual time research motor and is often used for lots of distinctive analysis projects.
Lookup a Topic Utilizing Google Suggest ApplicationWhen youre typing a specific subject in to the menu bar while performing a search on Google a pull down menu will seem suggesting other preferred searches. By taking each and every suggestion and retyping them in to the research bar you will come up having a entire new record of popular ideas to study or write about.
Key phrase Analysis
Consider key phrases relative for your area of interest and search for other keywords you could use. Similar to working with the Google Keyword Suggestion application we spoke of above here you will re-enter common keywords you discovered to develop a entire new list of words or phrases. Clean suggestions for sizzling topics to write about.
Simply target by far the most searched on words considering that this indicates their recognition. Inside a nutshell youre just understanding to create content articles based upon the recognition with the subject alone rather than by selecting your matters on the whim.
Anybody that composes content on a normal basis constantly appreciates any write-up composing strategies that can make factors less complicated. Maintaining a constant provide of producing ideas whose topics are well-liked with all the viewers surely helps streamline the whole composing process by itself. By utilizing any or all of the above discussed approaches you ought to be simply able to promote your creative composing juices. Keeping viewers knowledgeable on subjects theyve an curiosity in will serve to make your post marketing and blog submitting efforts less difficult and extra effective.


Overview Forex trading – A Basic OverviewForex trading is becoming more popular as time goes by. Perhaps you have heard of Forex trading or heard things such as the dollar fell sharply against the yen. Not sure what all this means The foreign forex trade sector foreign exchange could be the largest markets while in the environment. Much larger compared to stock sector A lot of the purposes for its global recognition are that leverage lets maximum utilization to your money and there may be rather large liquidity.
Open up 24 hours-The forex industry can also be open 24 hrs on a daily basis though some hours are considerably more effective trading occasions than other people. Fx is traded on margin. This means which you can management a considerable amount of cash for any compact little bit of income. With a 1 margin 1000 in dollars would leverage you one hundred thousand during the forex trading markets buying and selling. What this quite simply means is the fact your rate of return or ROI will be 100 for each percentage switch upwards. Favorite_quotes Needless to say this implies that your reduction could well be equally as terrific in case the market place went from you.
Where it all started out
Fx trades are constantly carried out in pairs. You generally pay for 1 currency simultaneously while you sell an additional. Though you can get several pairs within the fx markets you will discover really 4 leading forex pairs- USDJPY USDGBP GBPUSD and USDCHF. These pairs see one of the most industry activity. You will find two styles of forex traders those that are technical traders and people which can be basic traders. Technical traders base their trades on the great deal of different statistics and parameters. Viewing past patterns the currencies sort will give a technical traders methods on which pairs to order or market. Technical traders dont essentially just take news into thought and often dont trade through substantial information breaks. Important traders perform only with information. They have a calendar marked with substantial promote news days these types of as occupation figures consumer self-assurance retail product sales etc.They then program their approach to acquire and promote influenced by what those figures are predicted being. Common Blunders In Fx TradingWhen you look at the figures of successful foreign currency trading it could be very depressing. Stats demonstrate that only 95 of forex trading traders are building any income. With countless investing fx why is this
4 strategies Here is usually a look at frequent issues more recent and a few seasoned foreign exchange traders make that result in them to lose bucks. 1. Get Rich Speedy mentality. Youve probably found the late night infomercials about how quick and profitable its to trade fx. Effectively its simple to actually trade but tough to trade effectively. Opening an funding an account can consider as minimal as 24 hours and youll be up and buying and selling. Individuals will open up a broker account fund it and start investing with out learning what they are performing. An outstanding program of examine on the forex pairs and the way they usually tend to give good results with each other may be a should always before you start any stay buying and selling. You should be educated in foreign exchange to trade profitably. You cant just go on gut sensation. Foreign currency trading ought to be finished to the lengthy haul. Youre going to have these months where you are not in the constructive but an excellent trader can have extra favourable months than destructive ones 2. Trading for your wrong good reasons. Indeed you can find a large involved with building a major profit from 1 trade. However usually do not deal with forex trading like on a daily basis in the race monitor. You shouldnt trade for your exhilaration of investing. To not point out that there is a whole lot of time to be expended just looking forward to the right trade to come alongside. Also will not start off currency trading for the reason that you think that it only involves some minutes daily to make revenue. Regardless of whether you might be scalping the market making little effective trades it will take time for people trades to build and some days are only poor days to be sitting there waiting. three. Not by using a prevent damage. This can be where emotion arrives into perform. Youll want to possess a crystal clear exit technique whenever you enter a trade. Choose what number of pips you are seeking and what your reduction restrict are going to be. If it is actually 50 pips set your put a stop to loss to ensure you may be instantly triggered out of the trade when tmany pips are misplaced. It is actually too quick for any beginner trader to say Well its to get started on coming again quickly I am going to just wait a number of even more pips after which conclude up becoming a margin phone since they are now down 250 pips waiting for the trade to show roughly. Be disciplined and set people cease loss targets. You will discover generally likely to become new trades happening. four. Jumping from system to tactic. Practices just take time to establish and time to personalize to your very own buying and selling fashion. That could be why a demo account is important to practice. The moment youve realized your strategy and how to adapt it to transforming disorders – stick with it New traders will often bounce from one persons technique to a different without the need of giving any of them a chance to establish. A person bad trade isnt going to a awful approach make.



The global financial crisis spread like a cancer. Sadly each and every single marketplace was affected and several individuals veered away from the stock market as a result of the too-extreme volatility charge of many markets. Foreign exchange the foreign trade whilst wasnt as affected as other markets. This actually is just considering that forex charges didnt improve greatly concerning currency pairs seeing that pretty much all the worlds top economies had been experiencing finance meltdowns. Consequently though the stock sector took a dive the Foreign exchange currency markets is performing online business as usual. Within the course of this circumstance influenced by the relative steps within the a variety of nations involved currencies didnt valuate or devaluate substantially effectively maintaining up with one another. Thats why plenty of turned to Forex trading.Forex trading robots have develop to get particularly well-liked in order that someone can probably be significantly less involved utilising the regular trading that takes area quicker around the Forex trading compared with several other stock markets. Dont_knock_nudism
These robots like the one utilized via FAP Turbo involves creating usage of an algorithm to trade these currencies continuously 24 several hours every single day Monday by the use of Friday. Various of those robots have popped up recently and considerably is stated above the web regarding many of them. Despite the fact that no one robot software programs plan program guarantees achievement loads of men and women indicate among the much better ones to become a FAP Turbo rip-off.FAP Turbo relies on pre-set parameters that could be transformed and custom-made to establish the place quite possibly the most rewarding buying and selling will take place. The user will decide which forex pairs theyd want to invest in after which assemble a technique to make certain they can set it and neglect it. This really is truly the basis driving any Fx automated solution. Timing could be by far the most important in any buying and selling venue but specially in this particular time of monetary crisis timing is among the analyzing elements in attaining a revenue or dropping salary.
Its been recommended by analysts when trading with the Forex trading market to diversify the portfolio of currencies traded to minimize numerous the hazards involved. FAP Turbo despite the fact that permits for this in its algorithms in influence a give up loss aspect and relies on short-term regularly fifteen to 20 moment buying and selling timeframe. In this way there is the probable of increasing income even though mitigating losses. These algorithms produce currency pair valuation tips and when using the automatic attribute of FAP Turbo will trade currency instantly according to the user-set parameters.So is FAP Turbo a rip-off While in the Foreign exchange market particularly during this volatile worldwide monetary crisis forex continues to be being traded at a ordinary charge and is dependent about the valuations within the a lot of currencies concerned. This is seeing that the financial crisis hit significant monetary nations nearly equally. As a result you have to do the investigation and discover for yourself despite no matter whether this automatic treatment is accurate for you. Dont_knock_nudism


For almost up to 5 decades today computer games have been trained and been made open to the commoners. While the preliminary days needed those to be purchased expensively the release of internet dawned a fresh era of computer and also video gaming that built acquisition of games intended for entertainment purposes easy and possible. So when this new era of internet game playing evolves to become wiser cheaper and more assorted each day you shouldnt be surprised if a new cohort regarding games is finding and catching everybodys attention since every sport once used to be a television primary course is now any simulated game online. is bringing to you an amazing new character of this particularly kick the bucket hard hobby moose rearing in a elegant package that also provides you the key to make the whole ownership of horse a dream come true. Corporal_punishment The pc horse games possess emerged to be among the top selling pc games and doing incredibly very good on the entertainment quotient way too. Meticulously hand-picked collection of online games to qualify each criteria of prerequisite makes a serious favourite amongst young children and parents equally. In simple words its a one stop look for say java activities flash games online games and so on and so forth. If you decide to have a configuration them would provide you a thing compatible for sure. basically has sorted its excellent selection in a way so it creates surfing through the catalogue extremely comprehendible. Say the favourite puppy welcomes the users together with categories such as FlashJava video games Simulated Games Video games Treat games and Moose racing games. While you drop down further youre led to an assortment of exciting games to suit each criteria the superstar rating gives the much-loved rating of the game on the players palettes.
For example Java and Expensive games here simply have to have the installation of JavaFlash on your computer for them to support the online equine games. Its any small compatibility prerequisite which usually comes almost integrated with most new age desktops essentially you see precisely how easy it is Along comes hi technology simulated online games that need authorized players. Once you are the on-site member handy on the internet messaging boards enable you to interact with the many other players making the entire -computer horse games an excellent group gaming choice. Players can visit join a common video game and compete.
For your brilliantly culinary competent players you can create completely new recipes for your fillies along with mares and share these people online on the Deal with games platform. Gives online horse video games a different image which allows players to display their culinary knowledge. Additionally you will find links for horse online video and board games that can be purchased from other internet sites. The whole search being active is saved as they offer you the exact shortcuts towards the purchasing webpage the place you simply place the obtain while your much-loved horse game will get delivered at your front door. Remember their online games catalogue has anything to suit all Nintendo PlayStation as well as Xbox gaming consoles. So make merry
I guess it is time now to quit reading and transcend fot it gaming world that could bring you to access all of that youve read previously mentioned and have already started to be able to wonder about. Log on to and experience the fresh new face of computer moose games on the internet you happen to be just a click away


I have to start out within the article with a little forewarning and disclaimer I actually dislike and take issue with GMs lack of gumption when it came to constructing more fuel-efficient vehicles during the last 20 years or so. Many folks may recall the EV-1 software launched in Ca and learned of the talk surrounding the programs ruin. From the consumers on the waiting list to own privilege of rental an EV-1 to the lessees which fought hard to keep their cherished electronic vehicle General Motors rejected to invest more into electric car advancement despite the overwhelming demand for such a vehicle.
Returning to the early 90s Game master also developed an extremely fuel-efficient vehicle dubbed the particular Ultralite. The 88 MPG vehicle utilised a 1.5-liter two-stroke engine can speed to 0-60 within 8 seconds and also looked slick seeing that hell. The vehicle similar to many other concepts in no way made it to the production range.
Now despite my own misgivings concerning General Motors top rated decision makers I can only hope that by way of restructuring and a change in supervision GM will make far better efforts to become much more competitive in the Green car production segment. Clerical_celibacy_and_pedophilic I wont bash the Chevrolet Volt for the sake of bashing. Both the Volt and Nissan Leaf employ a great deal to offer that will aid in lower energy consumption. The biggest query people must request themselves is which usually vehicle will meet their unique need.
What are ones driving habits-How much time do you spend on the road
This is actually the million-dollar question you must solution before making a acquiring decision and more than most likely the first question you would consult the salesman- How far can certainly this go previous to I need to rechargerefuel.
The two major differences involving the Chevy Volt and Machine Leaf.
DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION-Your Contributor has no connection to nor was compensated by the brand or maybe product described with this content.

The Chevy Volt
While the Chevrolet Volt operates on an electric motor the auto also employs single.4-liter gasoline powered generator pertaining to backup purposes when the on-board battery depletes to a specific point. The real world electric only distance figure for the Chevrolet Volt is around 93 Miles per gallon. Here is the catch- The 90 MPG figure solely extends to around 35-miles of electric-only driving. With the gasoline generator running your figure plummets to 37 MPG with an further range of 344 miles on the 9.3-gallon fuel tank. Another critical aspect about the gasoline-powered turbine is the fact that it is not designed to fully recharge the particular vehicles battery you need to still plug this Volt in to either a 120 or 240 volt electro-mechanical source.
The time forced to fully charge the actual Volts battery takes an estimated 10 hours when working with 120-volts up to 4 time using a 220-volt power supplier. While the EPA boasts an average cost of 601 per annum in terms of electrical utilization no one can say for certain considering that electric prices vary from market to market place and from one month to another. With the volt taking in 36 kilowatts for each 100 miles you might be able to make a personal difficult estimate concerning the extra power consumption expenses when you consider your particular traveling habits and market place area.
The Environmental protection agency also provides a Combined Composite MPG figure of 58 MPG for the Chevy Volt.
Clearly short array driving will yield lower operating costs and emissions. People who normally commute the combined 30 mile after mile a day may see the Volt as a strong challenger. The other strong aspect of the Volt is the ability to vacation up to 344 miles over a full tank of fuel-perfect for those who travel upon business or want to take vacations from time to time.
DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION-Your Contributor has no link with nor was paid by the brand or maybe product described within this content.

The mixed 60 MPG rating isnt earth accidently damaging by any means but the extensive range offered upward by the gasoline engine may provide a a feeling of security for certain people.
The Nissan Leaf
The Leafs fuel economy figures are much quicker to explain as the car operates solely with electricity. Unlike the Volt the Nissan leaf wont use any type of backup electrical generator to keep the vehicle going in the event the battery method fails or completely depletes.
The traveling range for the Car Leaf equates to around 75 miles on a single cost. City commutes generate better results than highway driving perhaps surprisingly.
Charging the Leaf can be achieved three different ways by using a 480-volt rapid charging train station 240-volt home docking station or 120-volt trickle charger. Many vehicles come furnished with the 120-volt trickle wall charger which takes an estimated Thirty hours to fully demand the battery system. The accessible home docking station expenses over 2000 plus installment fees as it uses a separate 40-amp circuit placed on your home grid. To help offset the costs to the home docking station The government will provide a income tax credit of up to 50. Asking times may take approximately 8 hours using the home docking station while a rapid charging station will charge the Leafs electric battery system to 80 with 30 minutes.
Nissan currently is working with the government and other private businesses to make rapid charging areas more commercially available. Waiting around 30 minutes to bring it system to a total charge may not bring a smile to a viewpoint owners face nevertheless reports claim that five minutes worth of rapid receiving would allow you an additional 15 miles.
DISCLOSURE Of cloth CONNECTION-The Factor has no connection to or was paid by the brand or product described in this content.

The Leaf certainly supplies a great deal for those who travel relatively short kilometers on a daily basis. The biggest pitfall of the Nissan Leaf along with electric vehicles appearing on the market scene would be the lack of rapid business oriented charging stations available. Even with a strong network of rapid getting stations for electric powered vehicles cross-country driving visits could be impractical typically.
Other issues include battery. The expected life of the battery for both the Chevy Volt in addition to Nissan Leaf vary from 5-10 a number of back the battery systems with an 8 year100000 mile warranty. Persons in the U.Ersus. will have the option of either purchasing the Leafs battery technique with the vehicle or maybe leasing it as a stand alone.
Round One Summary-Chevrolet Volt for the earn
Some die-hard electric fans may balk in the Round One title belonging to the Volt. With regards to versatility the Volt is the winner easily. Although the Chevrolets competitor cheats by way of a covertly named gasoline power generator I consider the transfer by general motors a practical stepping-stone towards an alternative technique. The Nissan Leaf offers decent range and will be the perfect solution for those who do not travelling very far yet need the extra boost of pure electrical operation the Volt cant readily provide.
There is little change doubt that internal combustion engines will be a relic of history but until battery power technology provides longer mileage ranges along with the availability of rapid getting stations increase the goal of totally replacing gasoline-powered autos with pure electric alternatives will be out of reach.
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Five Supreme Thieves Stole the 2000 Presidential Election

Some conservatives say the Florida Supreme Court violated the law in its decisions on the 2000 presidential election and tried to “steal the election” for Al Gore. They claim that the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the Florida court’s wrongdoing.

Those conservatives apparently think that if they repeat a lie often enough, people will start to believe it. The result will be a cover-up of an outrageous criminal act committed by five conservative leaders on the U.S. Supreme Court – William Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia, Sandra Day O’Connor, Clarence Thomas, and Anthony Kennedy.

Anyone who examines the subject with a shred of objectivity – rather than a political ax to grind – can see that the U.S. Supreme Court trampled the law in the case of Bush v. Gore. It did so by overruling the Florida Supreme Court’s lawful decisions. 

Its conduct served only one purpose: to stop the counting of legal votes and install George W. Bush in the presidency.

Problems with voting machines

At issue in the Florida case was the counting of ballots containing the “undervotes.” Those were ballots on which the voting machines were unable to detect the voters’ intent. The machines had simply not counted any votes for president on the ballots.

Over half the ballots in the Florida presidential election were cast on the Votomatic punch-card machines, which may fail to count approximately 3.9% of the votes. The rest of the ballots were cast mainly on the more modern optical-scan system, which can fail to read some 1.4% of them. The failure to count these ballots can be due to voter error or, as frequently occurs, machine error.

Consequently, there were about 60,000 undervotes the machines had not counted during the tabulation of the Florida presidential election returns. The undervotes from the Votomatic machines, and some of the undervotes from the optical-scan system, also were not counted during the machine recounts. They needed to be counted by hand.

According to officials from the industry that makes the machines, visually inspecting the uncounted ballots often reveals a voter’s intent to select a particular candidate. Examples include ballots on which a voter wrote the candidate’s name or incompletely punched the ballot (the so-called hanging, dimpled, or pregnant chads).

In extremely close elections, the undervotes have to be counted manually to determine who won. That’s the normal procedure followed.

The Florida Supreme Court’s orders

Under Florida law, when a state court finds that a challenge to the certification of an election is justified, the court has power to “provide any relief appropriate under the circumstances.” The law also is clear that ascertaining “the will of the people,” as expressed by the ballots cast, is the guiding principle in determining the relief to be granted.

Accordingly, the Florida Supreme Court ordered on Friday, December 8, 2000 that in each county of the state, any necessary hand counts be done on the undervotes that had not been manually counted. In Miami-Dade County alone, the ruling applied to some 9,000 undervotes needing to be examined for the first time.

Bush was leading Gore by 154 votes, and the court found there was no doubt that enough legal votes were contained in the undervotes to put the outcome of the election in question. The court further explained: “We must do everything required by law to ensure that legal votes that have not been counted are included in the final election results.”

Additionally, having been warned on December 4 by the U.S. Supreme Court to not make any changes in the law, the Florida Supreme Court directed that a vote be considered valid if there is “clear indication of the intent of the voter.” This standard comes straight from the Florida Election Code. The same standard was applied in prior election cases by Florida courts, has been used in numerous other states for many years, and had never previously been challenged.

In a clarifying opinion provided to the U.S. Supreme Court on December 11, the Florida Supreme Court explained that its decisions had formulated “no new rules of state law” and had simply construed Florida laws “enacted long before the present election took place.” The court said it had interpreted “legislative intent as informed by the traditional sources and rules of construction we have long accepted as relevant in determining such intent.”

An examination of the Florida Supreme Court’s rulings supports those assertions entirely. The court was faced with several vague and contradictory election laws, due to amendments made to the Florida Election Code over the years. In construing the laws, the court reasonably applied rules of statutory construction used by all courts in such situations. Not even a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court found a problem with the Florida court’s interpretation of the laws.

In fact, the Florida Supreme Court’s actions were consistent with prior legal interpretations issued in Florida cases for some 75 years – interpretations never overridden by the Florida legislature. The court’s orders also accorded with the manner in which disputed elections are commonly decided in other states. For example, when George W. Bush was governor of Texas, he signed a law providing for manual recounts. The law says a manual recount “shall be considered in preference to an electronic recount.”

Moreover, in two of its decisions on other matters concerning the election, the Florida Supreme Court had ruled against Gore’s side. In one, the court declined Gore’s request for an order requiring Miami-Dade County to resume a hand-count of ballots during the “protest” phase of the recount proceedings (i.e., during the earlier phase in which county officials, rather than the courts, had primary responsibility over the proceedings). In the other, the court refused a petition for a revote brought by Palm Beach County residents who claimed that the county’s confusing “butterfly ballot” – which surely cost Gore thousands of votes – didn’t comply with state law. A pro-Gore decision on either of those matters would have likely resulted in his election.

Former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, in his book The Betrayal of America, sums up that “there is no evidence that the Florida Supreme Court based its decisions on anything but solid and enduring legal principles.” He also says the “Florida Supreme Court did nothing at all from which any rational inference of a political motivation could be inferred.”

In regard to the Florida Supreme Court’s actions, the crux of the matter is that an election is not stolen by requiring all the votes to be counted in a way that votes have been counted since the country’s inception.

The U.S. Supreme Court intervenes

The Florida Supreme Court issued its decision at about 4:00 in the afternoon of Friday, December 8. The statewide counting of the undervotes began shortly thereafter and was proceeding smoothly and rapidly, with votes being recorded for both Gore and Bush. The process was expected to be completed sometime on Sunday afternoon, December 10.

But at 2:40 PM on Saturday, December 9, five conservative members of the U.S. Supreme Court ordered a halt to the counting at the request of Bush’s legal team. Antonin Scalia, in a concurring opinion, wrote that the counting threatened irreparable harm to Bush “by casting a cloud upon what he claims to be the legitimacy of his election.” Subsequent to the stay, no votes were ever again officially counted in the Florida presidential election.

On Tuesday, December 12, the same five justices held that the decision of the Florida Supreme Court violated the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment. In general, the Equal Protection Clause requires that persons in similar circumstances be treated equally by the laws.

The majority said the standard announced by the Florida Supreme Court for counting the undervotes – namely, a vote should be counted if there is “clear indication of the intent of the voter” – violated equal protection. The court claimed that because different Florida counties might apply different standards of what constitutes clear intent of the voter, identical ballots might not be counted the same way.

According to the majority, such an outcome was constitutionally impermissible. They said the Florida Supreme Court should have articulated a more uniform standard for counting the undervotes.

Additionally, the five conservatives ruled that December 12 was the legal deadline for Florida’s presidential votes to be counted. Because this was the same date as their decision, they concluded there was no time to send the case back to the Florida court for a more uniform standard to be set and the counting to resume.

The upshot of their actions was that Bush was declared the election’s winner even though thousands of valid votes had not been counted.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s lawlessness and corruption

There are a number of reasons why the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Bush v. Gore is entirely fraudulent, illegal, and corrupt.

(1) Bush lacked standing to sue

Bush had no standing to make a claim that the Florida Supreme Court’s decision violated the Equal Protection Clause. Basically, to have standing to bring an equal protection case in federal court, a party must have suffered injury by a government action or be clearly threatened with such injury. And the threat must be more than theoretical.

As the same five conservative justices specified in a 1995 case, a plaintiff must have suffered “individualized harm” – that is, be an actual victim of an injury – to go forward with an equal protection lawsuit in federal court. Antonin Scalia, in particular, has stringently applied this requirement in equal protection cases.

The issue in Bush v. Gore, as the majority explicitly stated, was whether Florida had treated in a disparate and arbitrary manner “the members of its electorate.” (Emphasis added.) But Bush voted in Texas and was not a member of the Florida electorate. Thus, he was not one of the voters who were allegedly mistreated.

Moreover, there was no showing that the counting would harm Bush the candidate. It was just as likely that any inconsistencies between counties would have favored him instead of Gore, or would have been a wash between both candidates.

Any possible harm to Bush, therefore, was purely theoretical and uncertain. Without suffering harm himself or facing a clear threat of it, he had no standing to sue and his case should have been dismissed on this basis.

(2) The December 9 stay was absurd

One of the most stunning and criticized actions of the five conservative justices was their December 9 stay stopping the counting of the undervotes. This step was taken before the court had even received briefs and heard oral arguments on whether the counting was improper.

The Supreme Court rarely issues a stay before deciding a case. It does so only when there is a substantial showing that a party could suffer “irreparable harm” and is likely to prevail in the lawsuit. Incredibly, Scalia wrote that counting the undervotes would “threaten irreparable harm to petitioner [Bush] . . . by casting a cloud upon what he claims to be the legitimacy of his election.”

According to Scalia, then, Bush had a legal claim that he was legitimately elected without all the votes being counted. And Bush’s claim deserved legal protection from the irreparable harm further counting could cause. The irreparable harm, obviously, was that a complete count might reveal Gore had won.

Always in the past, that was known as democracy rather irreparable harm. Scalia’s position has to be among the most asinine and disingenuous ever written in a judicial opinion. And his four co-conspirators went along with him.

It could not be clearer that counting all the votes does not harm an election’s legitimacy but only adds to it. As Justice John Paul Stevens expressed in dissenting to the stay, the failure to count votes is what casts a permanent cloud over and causes irreparable damage to the legitimacy of a close election. The question forever lingers as to whether a complete count would have shown that someone else had won.

Even if the counting had included some votes that shouldn’t have been counted, this would not constitute irreparable harm. The improperly counted votes could simply be removed from the totals – in the light of day and for reasons everyone could see.

In fact, counting the undervotes could have revealed important information that should have been considered. For example, many of them may have showed an indisputably clear intent of the voters to select a particular candidate – under any standard of counting votes. Those unchallengeable votes should certainly have been included in the final tally. Tony Mauro wrote in USA Today about the illogic of refusing to inspect the undervotes: “Since when is not knowing better than knowing?”

Further, the refusal to examine votes is the most flagrant violation imaginable of the core democratic and constitutional principle that every vote be counted. This is so basic and evident that it’s impossible to think the five justices were unaware of the legal violations they were committing and the voting rights they were extinguishing.

And by stopping the count until the alleged “deadline” for counting votes had passed, the majority did irreparable harm to Gore, because a complete count may well have shown he had won. They had no concern about this genuine irreparable harm.

Vincent Bugliosi says of Scalia’s explanation for the stay: “Only a criminal on the run, rushed for time and acting in desperation, could possibly write the embarrassing words Scalia did.”

Indeed, it’s hard to imagine an assertion more nonsensical, embarrassing, and contrary to law than that counting votes casts a cloud over the legitimacy of an election. Columnist Mary McGrory wrote that Scalia “might as well have been wearing a Bush button on his robes.”

(3) No intent to discriminate was present

The U.S. Supreme court has consistently held for at least five decades that equal protection is violated only by purposeful and intentional discrimination. Proof of a discriminatory effect is insufficient.

For example, the court held in a 1987 death-penalty case that no equal protection violation was shown by statistics revealing that African-American defendants who kill whites are far more likely to receive the death penalty than whites who kill African Americans. Despite assuming the statistics were accurate, the court said equal protection is not violated unless a defendant proves the decision-maker in hisparticular case acted with discriminatory intent.

That the same standard applied in voting contexts was seen in a 1980 case involving a class-action lawsuit brought by African Americans. The plaintiffs alleged they were denied equal protection by a city’s practice of electing commissioners at large rather than by districts. The court ruled against them because there was no proof the city intended to discriminate against African Americans.

Notwithstanding the well-established requirement that intent to discriminate be proved, the majority in Bush v. Gore made no finding of a discriminatory intent or even a discriminatory effect. Examining those issues would have sunk Bush’s equal protection claim.

The Florida election laws, including the portion the majority found in violation of equal protection, had been in place for decades and produced victories for Democrats and Republicans. Among them was Bush’s younger brother Jeb as the state’s governor. Obviously, the laws were not set up to discriminate against Bush in the 2000 presidential election.

Moreover, the method of counting votes in each Florida county applied equally to all Democrats and Republicans in the county. And there was no evidence that the way Florida counted votes had a discriminatory effect on any candidate in the past, or would have such an impact on Bush.

The majority simply ignored the requirement that intent to discriminate be present. University of Virginia law professor Dick Howard says their decision is “a remarkable use of the equal protection clause. It is not consistent with anything they have done in the past 25 years. No one even claimed there was intentional discrimination here.”

(4) Florida’s method of counting votes had long and widespread acceptance

Throughout the nation’s history, non-uniform standards of vote counting have existed in all the states. Until Bush v. Gore, the U.S. Supreme Court never uttered a peep that the lack of uniformity might violate equal protection.

In view of this history, dissenting Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg complained to Newsweek that the majority’s decision applied the Equal Protection Clause “in a way that would de-legitimize virtually every election in American history.”

Likewise, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, in his book Supreme Injustice, says the decision “would invalidate virtually every close election in our past and our future, since there is always considerable disparity among voting machines and standards employed to count and recount votes.”

Vincent Bugliosi discusses the same matter: “Since different standards for counting votes exist throughout the fifty states (e.g., Texas counts dimpled chads, California does not), forty-four out of the fifty states do not have uniform voting methods, and voting equipment and mechanisms in all states necessarily vary in design, upkeep and performance, to apply the equal protection ruling of Bush v. Gore would necessarily invalidate virtually all elections throughout the country.”

Because the equal protection claim made by Bush’s lawyers was so at odds with prior cases and practices, many conservative Washington lawyers thought the argument was terrible. They were dismayed to learn that it was going to be made.

The Washington Post reports that even several of Bush’s lawyers viewed the argument as “lame” and “extremely weak.” Newsweek relates that Bush’s first choice to be his lead lawyer in the case, retired GOP senator and Episcopal priest Jack Danforth, bowed out and believed that any lawyer who brought the federal case was risking his credibility.

Clearly, the majority’s decision is inconsistent with the well-entrenched procedure used to count votes in the U.S. for over 200 years.

(5) Florida’s method of counting votes will apply in the future

The five conservative justices wanted their equal protection interpretation to invalidate only the counting of votes in Florida’s 2000 presidential election – not in any past or future elections. So they included in their decision the unbelievable statement that the ruling was “limited to the present circumstances, for the problem of equal protection in election processes generally presents many complexities.”

The part about “many complexities” is duplicitous and nonsensical, because the issue before the court was simply whether equal protection is violated by varying standards for counting votes. Furthermore, complexities in election cases are no greater than in many other types of cases.

With the “limited to the present circumstances” language, the majority was telling future litigants not to point to Bush v. Gore as a precedent for what should be done in their cases. For future cases, the court was signaling, litigants should look to the law used before the decision that ended the 2000 presidential election.

Plainly, in Bush v. Gore the majority not only departed from past equal protection rulings but also sent the unmistakable message that they would not do so again in future election cases. This position by itself is airtight proof that they knowingly and intentionally violated well-established law.

Because limiting a ruling to a single case is so inconsistent with the fundamental principle that the law applies equally to everyone, it’s not surprising that the Supreme Court has never before declared a particular interpretation of law to apply only to one case. And in this case, the party who benefited from the majority’s unique legal interpretation just happened to be their preferred candidate for president.

In fact, the majority didn’t even apply their equal protection decision consistently to the 2000 Florida election. If the Equal Protection Clause requires a uniform standard for counting votes, surely this requirement was violated by Florida’s system of machine counting.

A uniform standard does not exist when some Florida counties (mainly poorer and more Democratic ones) use old machines that fail to count almost 4% of the votes, while other counties (chiefly wealthier and more Republican ones) employ newer machines that miss less than 1.5% of the votes. Even among the various old machines, there are incongruities. For example, some count ballots having hanging chads while others do not.

To apply their ruling consistently, then, the majority should have invalidated the entire Florida presidential election. But they were not interested in invalidating non-uniform vote counting that supported Bush’s election.

Ironically, the majority violated the equal protection rights of the thousands of people whose legal votes were contained in the undervotes. Although those persons possessed a right equal to anyone’s to have their votes counted, the Supreme Court prevented their right from being upheld by stopping the count. And the court did it all in the name of upholding the equal protection of the laws.

It’s amazing that these actions were taken by conservative justices who in the past had little use for the Equal Protection Clause, which was enacted mainly to protect racial minorities. Erwin Chemerinsky, a constitutional law professor at the University of Southern California, says he “can’t think of a single instance where Scalia or Thomas has found discrimination against a racial minority, or women, or the aged, or the disabled, unconstitutional.”

Geoffrey R. Stone, a law professor at the University of Chicago, adds that Rehnquist, Scalia, and Thomas have apparently found only two uses for the Equal Protection Clause: to dismantle affirmative action programs and invalidate the recount process in the 2000 presidential election.

Because many of the undervotes were likely cast by racial minorities whose counties use the older voting machines, it was absolutely perverse to apply the Equal Protection Clause to prevent them – the very persons the Clause was intended to protect – from having their votes counted.

There is no question that the majority concocted a novel interpretation of equal protection, applied it inconsistently, and intended that it be used only once to benefit just one man. As Georgetown University law professor David Cole states, the court “created a new right out of whole cloth and made sure it ultimately protected only one person – George Bush.”

To call such a result “equal protection” is beyond preposterous.

(6) The U.S. Supreme Court put the Florida Supreme Court in an inescapable trap

On November 24, 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to hear the case of Bush v. Gore. The court agreed to examine whether the Florida Supreme Court had violated Article II of the U.S. Constitution (and 3 U.S.C. Section 5) by changing the law after election day.

Bush’s lawyers argued, and the U.S. Supreme Court apparently agreed in a decision issued on December 4, that Article II prevented the Florida Supreme Court from changing any rules for the counting of votes subsequent to election day. So in the same decision, the U.S. Supreme Court warned the Florida court not to make any such changes.

Also in its November 24 ruling accepting the case, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the Bush legal team’s argument that different standards for counting votes violated the Equal Protection Clause. This action, and the court’s subsequent silence on the equal protection issue in its December 4 ruling, indicated the court saw nothing wrong with Florida’s standard of counting votes and there was no merit to the equal protection challenge.

In light of those directions from the U.S. Supreme Court, the Florida Supreme Court was careful in its December 8 decision to not make any changes to the law regarding the counting of undervotes. Instead, the court applied longstanding Florida law – which came right from the Florida Election Code – in ordering that the applicable standard was that a vote be counted if there is “clear indication of the intent of the voter.”

Nevertheless, when this standard was ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court on December 12, the majority held that it violated the Equal Protection Clause because different counties might use different methods of determining clear intent of the voter. This time, the majority said the Florida court had “the power to assure uniformity” and should have established a more uniform standard.

But if the Florida court had specified a more uniform standard than the one contained in the Florida Election Code, the majority on the U.S. Supreme Court would surely have ruled that the Florida court violated Article II by changing the rules after the election. They therefore would have stopped the counting on that basis.

In fact, what appears to have happened is that the Florida court’s decisions complied so well with Article II that the five conspirators on the U.S. Supreme Court, in order to stop the vote count, were forced to resurrect the equal protection argument they previously had treated as unworthy of consideration. At that point, they were grasping for anything to use to end the election.

So no matter what the Florida Supreme Court had done with the standard for counting the undervotes, the U.S. Supreme Court was going to find the action unconstitutional – either under the Equal Protection Clause or Article II. They had placed the Florida court in an inescapable trap and were simply not going to allow the votes to be counted.

(7) December 12 was not a deadline for counting votes

In the Supreme Court’s December 12 decision ending the election, the five conservative justices said there was no time to send the case back to the Florida court for the equal protection matter to be corrected and the counting to resume.

The electors in the 50 states were scheduled to meet on December 18 to cast their votes for president. Federal law (3 U.S.C. Section 5) provides that any contest or controversy over the selection of a state’s electors may be conclusively resolved “at least six days prior to” the meeting of the Electoral College (i.e., by December 12).

Noting in their decision that December 12 “is upon us,” the five conservatives found this date to be a mandatory deadline for resolving disputes over vote counting in the Florida presidential election. But as pointed out by the four dissenting justices, and later by legal scholars, there is no such deadline in the law.

Conservative law professor Michael McConnell, who teaches at the University of Utah, explained in a Wall Street Journal article that December 12 is merely a deadline “for receiving ‘safe harbor’ protection for the state’s electors.” That is, Congress’s ability to reject a state’s electors is more limited if the state has chosen them by that date.

Likewise, dissenting Justice John Paul Stevens noted the federal law “merely provides rules . . . for Congress to follow when selecting among conflicting slates of electors. They do not prohibit a state from counting . . . legal votes until a bonafide winner is determined.”

Stevens also pointed out that in the 1960 presidential election, “Hawaii appointed two slates of electors and Congress chose to count the one appointed on January 4, 1961, well after the Title 3 deadlines” of December 12 and 18. He continued that even if an equal protection violation was present, “nothing prevents the majority . . . from ordering relief appropriate to remedy that violation without depriving Florida voters of their right to have their votes counted.”

New York University law professor Larry Kramer says if a state fails to choose its electors by December 12, “nothing happens, the counting could continue.” According to Kinvin Wroth, an Electoral College expert and dean of the Vermont Law School, “a recount could have gone on right up to the last day of Congress’ joint session” on January 6, when the Electoral College votes were counted.

Although Florida has no statute requiring the counting to be completed by December 12, the five majority justices concluded that the Florida Supreme Court had said the state’s law contains such a requirement. Actually, the Florida court’s statements on this issue are ambiguous, at best, and were not interpreted by the dissenting justices in the same manner as the majority. The dissenters would have sent the case back to the Florida court for new standards to be set and the counting to resume.

Additionally, the majority’s conclusion is inconsistent with the longstanding Florida statutory and case law that the “will of the people” is the paramount consideration in election disputes – not a technical adherence to supposed deadlines. The Florida Supreme Court used this guiding principle in its decisions throughout the presidential election dispute. 

Further, rules of statutory construction require federal and state statutes to be construed as not abridging a right protected by the U.S. Constitution – such as the right to have one’s vote counted. And it makes little sense to conclude that Florida prefers to send Congress an incorrect election result within the safe-harbor deadline than provide the correct result after the deadline.

Indeed, ten days after the U.S. Supreme Court ended the election, Florida Supreme Court Justice Leander J. Shaw wrote: “[I]n my opinion, December 12 was not a ‘drop-dead’ date under Florida law. In fact, I question whether any date prior to January 6 is a drop-dead date under the Florida election scheme. December 12 was simply a permissive ‘safe-harbor’ date to which the states could aspire. It certainly was not a mandatory contest deadline under the plain language of the Florida Election Code (i.e., it is not mentioned there) or this Court’s prior rulings.”

Counting the undervotes had been expected to take only about a couple of days. So there was plenty of time for the matter to be sent back to the Florida Supreme Court for new standards to be set, the counting to be completed, and the revised procedure to be reviewed by the courts.

Nonetheless, a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court chose to place more importance on imaginary and bogus deadlines than on the right of voters to have their votes counted. And the counting would have been completed by December 12, anyway, if the majority had not issued their ridiculous stay.

(8) Presidential elections are not for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide

The U.S. Constitution spells out the method for electing the president and includes no role for the Supreme Court. For this reason, many legal experts were astonished when the court agreed to accept the 2000 presidential election case.

Article II of the Constitution specifies that each state shall appoint, in a manner decided by the state’s legislature, a number of presidential electors equal to the total number of senators and representatives the state has in Congress. Each state legislature has decided to have the people vote for the state’s electors.

The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution provides that after a state’s electors have been chosen, they are to meet and cast their votes for president. The electoral votes from each state are then transmitted to Congress, where the president of the Senate counts them in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives.

The Twelfth Amendment goes on to direct that if no candidate receives a majority of votes from the electors, the House of Representatives will choose the president from among the candidates who received the three highest vote totals.

Implicit in Congress’s duty to count electoral votes is the authority to decide which ones to count. This fact is recognized in a federal law implementing the Twelfth Amendment (3 U.S.C. Section 15). The statute says Congress shall decide between a state’s rival electors as to which “is supported by the decision of such state so authorized by its [the state’s] law.”

Additional directions for counting the electoral votes – and resolving disputes over the votes – are contained in the federal Electoral Count Act of 1887 (3 U.S.C. Sections 5-7, 15-18). But in the entire procedure, no role is given to the Supreme Court by the Constitution or the statutes implementing the constitutional provisions. 

The Founders of the U.S. assigned this subject completely to the states and Congress. They knew that political decisions are better made by elected officials having accountability to the public than by judges with lifetime appointments who will never face the voters.

Vincent Bugliosi remarks that “in a close, contested election, there’s no more authority for the Supreme Court to pick the president than for the Des Moines Rotary Club or Boston Symphony to do so.”

But in an act of extreme arrogance, the five majority justices did choose in flagrant violation of constitutional and statutory directives. Congress was not even mentioned in their decision.

So much for the claims about conservatives being in favor of “judicial restraint” and “strict construction” of the Constitution. 

In this case, their attitude was more like “Constitution schmonstitution.” Or as the nineteenth-century railroad baron Cornelius Vanderbilt reportedly said: “What do I care about the law? H’ain’t I got the power?”

Legal experts react to Bush v. Gore

The lawlessness of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision has been widely recognized by legal experts from across the political spectrum.

Shortly after the decision was issued, a full-page newspaper ad was placed in the New York Times by 554 law professors, of various political beliefs and from 120 law schools throughout the country, who strongly opposed the court’s action. They have since opened a website ( containing their protest. The list of those who have signed on has grown to 673 professors from 137 American law schools

The professors object that the majority justices “were acting as political proponents for candidate Bush, not as judges,” and “by stopping the recount in the middle, the five justices acted to suppress the facts.” They also state that “it is not the job of a federal court to stop votes from being counted.”

Among the many conservative legal scholars who have criticized the decision is Terrance Sandalow, former dean of the University of Michigan Law School. He says the court’s stopping of the vote count was “incomprehensible” and an “unmistakably partisan decision, without any foundation in law.” Similarly, conservative federal judge and law professor Richard Posner states that the court’s interpretation of equal protection was “wrongheaded” and its rationale “quite thin and unconvincing.”

Even Robert Bork, one of the most conservative legal minds in the country, acknowledges that the decision “does have major problems” and it “endorsed a new and possibly damaging rationale.”

Moreover, dissenting Justice Stephen Breyer was quoted by Newsweek as calling the decision “the most outrageous, indefensible thing” the court had ever done. University of Chicago law professor Cass Sunstein describes the court’s equal protection argument as “a real embarrassment” and labels the decision “illegitimate, undemocratic and unprincipled.” Famed trial attorney Gerry Spence says the majority reduced themselves “to common thugs” by their unlawful acts.

Alan Dershowitz sums up the reactions: “Never before in American history have so many law professors, historians, political scientists, Supreme Court litigators, journalists who cover the high court, and other experts – at all points along the political spectrum – been in agreement that the majority decision of the Court was not only ‘bad constitutional law’ but ‘lawless,’ ‘illegitimate,’ ‘unprincipled,’ ‘partisan,’ ‘fraudulent,’ ‘disingenuous,’ and motivated by improper considerations.”

Apparently, no law professors have opened a website to defend the court’s decision. Dershowitz has laid down an open challenge to publicly debate any law professor or Supreme Court litigator who dares to defend it.


There is no doubt that a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court cheated to stop legal votes from being counted while their candidate was ahead. Pure and simple: they violated the law to literally steal a presidential election.

It is inconceivable that the five conservative jurists would have gone on such a determined and reckless course of lawbreaking if Gore had been ahead and Bush needed the counting to continue. To borrow a phrase from a movie critic: calling their decision garbage is to give garbage a bad name.

Vincent Bugliosi states that these legal violations make the majority justices – in his words the “felonious five” – criminals in every true sense of the word. The main victims of their crimes were the 50 million Gore supporters whose votes were annulled and replaced by the felonious five’s own selection.

Think of it! A criminal act injuring 50 million Americans in all 50 states! As Bugliosi charges, the five conspirators who committed this outrageous wrongdoing “belong behind prison bars as much as any American white-collar criminal who ever lived.”

Not only did the felonious five show disdain for the rights of Gore voters, but they had no respect for the very foundation of the American government. Abraham Lincoln described the government as of the people, by the people, and for the people. The same principle was repeatedly expressed by the Florida Supreme Court in its decisions. By violating the law to suppress the will of the people, the felonious five treated the U.S. like a banana republic, where a cabal can underhandedly seize control of the country and force their own junta upon the populace.

Further, the felonious five did severe damage to the reputation and credibility of the U.S. Supreme Court and the legal system. Until this case, the Supreme Court was still considered by many as a forum where laws are applied and cases decided without political considerations driving the process. Unlike the vast majority of Supreme Court justices in U.S. history, the felonious five showed neither respect for that esteemed tradition nor any sense of responsibility to uphold it.

Bush v. Gore demolished the court’s reputation for impartiality, which could take decades to rebuild. In knowingly breaking the law to obtain a political outcome they wanted, the felonious five made the court appear as having the same moral character as the Watergate burglars. Alan Dershowitz writes, “No honest person can any longer trust them to do justice, as distinguished from politics.” Dissenting Justice John Paul Stevens lamented that the real loser in the election was “the Nation’s confidence in the judge as an impartial guardian of the rule of law.”

The felonious five should have been impeached and removed from the court for their terrible, indefensible, and inexcusable acts. But that obviously is not going to happen.

To show respect for the rule of law and deter future courts from acting in the same lawless and shamelessly political manner, the felonious five should be publicly denounced as scofflaws who have given up any right to be respected or trusted as judges.

Finally, Bush v. Gore proves that changes are needed in the procedure for nominating and approving appointments to the Supreme Court and other federal courts. There are serious flaws in the process that resulted in the appointment of these five base, dishonest, and unprincipled political hacks.

[A much more thorough discussion of this subject is contained in the excellent books The Betrayal of America by Vincent Bugliosi, and Supreme Injustice by Alan Dershowitz.]


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